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August 31, 2010

Styling Idea #14 Fluro- Featuring Dorryce Rock


Recently strolling through Paddington I stopped into the Willow store “for a lookie”. Not really in the market for spending more money on a dress than it would cost to feed myself for 2 months but it is lovely to look- I’ll get there one day. It was here amongst their amazing clothes that I discovered Dorryce Designs- and feel in love.

Dorryce Rock is by no means new the art world in Sydney and I have previously seen her work featured in magazines such as belle – but this is the first time I have seen her paintings in real life. Living in a bright and colourful home in Edgcliff Dorryce is a master of colour -living with colour, working with colour and creating images that vibrate on such a high intensity that they appear to transcend the canvas. Dorryce tells me she has been working with this incredible fluid style for 4 years now and her experience shows – check out the beautiful use of fluro in the pieces below.

Dorryce Rock

Dorryce Rock

Dorryce Rock


  • Invest in large statement pieces that set the tone of the room – Dorryce Rock artworks range from $1800- $4200 and are totally room changing.
  • Look for ways to add a splash of fluro- vintage artwork or cushions are a good start but build up to stronger piece soon after.
  • Piping on furniture can really pop- try fluro yellow against linen on a chair if you are more traditional
  • Use dark moody colours or clean crisp white as your base if you are unsure- dark grey with pops of pink would be perfect!
  • Blonde woods are going to suit this idea better as a general guide
  • Try yellow, orange, pink – stay clear of green, purple and blue (they were always the dud highlighters and there is a reason for this!)
  • Fluros look good with the pastel version of the same colour- try pink with soft pinks or fluro yellow with buttery lemon.
  • Be bold with this- a little pink of pink fluro is going to look like a girls bedroom – don’t skimp.


DVF has launched a new furniture line in plastic neon- get on this trend now!

Kartell is another source of inspiration for bright fluros and neons that work magic!

Fluro in pattern

For more details contact Dorryce Rock


PH: 02 9328 1504

Mobile: 0418 246 937

“Eclipse” is on display at Willow- 3A GLENMORE ROAD Paddington and GPO Building Melbourne

In store until October 2010- get into store now or see more of the works here

August 30, 2010

Styling Idea #13 Wallpapered Columns

Good morning from foggy Wagga Wagga- it is so cold in this place. I’m home to pick up some final bits and pieces to set up my room in my new house- how exciting. I will really have to restrain myself from buying out the local second hand stores- I have 3 x 3.2 metres to decorate and I fear I will not fit in all the  couches, tables, hammocks, sideboards, chairs and daybeds I would probably see potential in.


Driving home yesterday I had so many “car thoughts” and new ideas but I cannot find images for them at the moment- bugger. I was however talking to friend of mine who is renovating and she is going to wallpaper her toilet- excellent. I will talk often about the beauty of wallpaper on this blog- although I am aware of “trend” factor I think it is important to do one of two things- wallpaper the whole room or think creatively about “areas” you can wallpaper- no plain feature walls here please.

Source unknown- sorry

Source Unknown Sorry


  • Such a nifty idea for those afraid of pattern- here you can add colour without feeling like you have step inside a wallpapered set of Where the Wild Things Grow.
  • Do look for ways you can add columns where none exist – the second image creates a structural feature by highlighting alone.
  • Do think about what look you want to achieve and buy wallpaper accordingly- the print will speak volumes about your style.
  • Some suggestions for wallpaper would be stripes for French Provincial or beachy, large florals for retro, small florals for feminine, reflective paper with abstract patterns for quirky glam, textured linen look paper for classic.
  • Do try this idea if you have high ceilings it will give an excellent sense of space and an illusion of further height.
  • Do think about playing with the pattern- sitting an upholstered chair in front of the column in a contrast fabric or one colour from the print would really pop.
  • Don’t try to create columns in the middle of the wall – there needs to be some definition between paper starting and stopping- either the end of the wall, a window, a door or decorative wall stripes (ie plastered panels)
  • Think about this idea in unique rooms for example create pillars in an entrance or a bathroom for high glam.
  • If you are renovating to sell this is a good tip to add personality without it being too daunting- chances are buyers will be impressed not turned off- it is after all easy to remove.
  • Remember that you will only ever see a small amount of this print- this means keep your repeat in mind, the size of pattern and negative space. There is no point having a beautiful print if it is too spread out or it the impact really needs to be seen across a wide panel.
  • Steer clear of novelty single paneled prints- ie wallpaper designs that are naturally long and skinny and have no repeat, generally these contain all the pattern and print in one panel. I think these will date and a traditional wallpaper will look better over time.

So sorry that i cannot find the source for these two lovely images- if you know the author, photographer or designer please let me know so I can credit accordingly and thank them.

August 27, 2010

Styling Idea # 12 Half Curtains

Yesterday I was so inspired to work with an amazing team on a fantastic shoot!

Sometimes in the “glamorous” world of shooting magazine interiors things get hectic, crazy and focused and always time is of the essence. I must say the team on yesterdays shoot were such an inspiration and true indication of what it takes to get the perfect shoot and the commitment to perfection.  Thank you for showing me how it is done, the power of team work and the dedication required to achieve an impeccable shot. I am sure you will LOVE the pictures when they go to print- no spoilers- you have to buy the mag.


Sorry for the delay today I have been at fastBreak this morning – if you are interested in connecting with inspirational people who are achieving great things in creative industries I urge you come along next month, have an incredible breakfast (included in the price) and meet new people who will put a smile on your face. The topic this morning was “things change” in interiors they do too- but they never repeat they rhyme. Today’s post looks fabulously dated and perfectly now!

Desire to Inspire


  • Really? You say. YES really
  • This look doesn’t have to be done in large retro print and repeated from curtains to lounge but if you are cool and want to invite me over for a cup of tea I would suggest do it as above (seriously invite me over if you have a room like this).
  • DO look for a fabric that is floral or patterned based for your half curtains- strips and block colours are better for dramatic heavy curtains- here you want to have some fun.
  • DO try repeating even if only with a cushion else where in the room- this look is designed to break rules.
  • DO keep enough natural light coming in above so that you can keep these closed and get the impact as much as possible.
  • DO look for retro shapes in furniture- wooden armchairs and tables in teak, walnut or oak.
  • DON’T try this with floor length windows- this is a half window option.
  • DON’T  worry about you other accessories- this will set the tone for a mismatched space that allows you to be a bit chaotic- patterns can clash, styles can mingle and everyone can sit back and enjoy the view- well from the bit of the window anyway!
  • DO make iced tea from scratch!


August 26, 2010

Styling Idea #11 Shoe Seat

I’m off to help again at a Real Living shoot – should be a great busy crazy day!

Thanks to everyone who visited yesterday- the response was amazing. I hope you keep on reading!


This is a short but sweet one today and such a clever idea! If you have not checked this incredibly talented over achieving stylist who I am just in owe of have a look at what this lady has been up to Samantha Pynn.

Samantha Pynn


  • I think everyone should have a nice civilized seat to sit on, on the way in or out with a mirror to check appearances.
  • Find a cosy nook near the entrance and wallpaper the space.
  • If you have a flat space and cannot see how this will work the bench seat, cushion, shoe hiddy hole idea will still work but perhaps create an alcove between some other furniture- sideboards or an armoire would give you enough height.
  • Other suggestions for creating height to “hide” between include grandfather clock, ladder, hat stand or floor lamps.
  • If this is looking too girlee for you mix it up with a battered wooden bench, eclectic cushions, pre-loved leather and a heavy framed mirror- stick some quirky photos directly onto the mirror to create a mini vision board and a personal touch.
  • Think about some clever colour combination’s for the shoe boxes and the cushions- grey and yellow, black and white, red and cinnamon, evergreen and white- whatever suits.

If you have any other suggestions for creating a space like this I would love hear them! Have a good one

August 25, 2010

Styling Idea #10 Grey and Yellow

Hi guys

Welcome to the double digits of FURNNISH- wow I have to get to triple and quadruple digits before it is all done- I have a way to go!


Well I am off to work with Real Living Magazine today so pretty excited – when I think of Real Living I think colour and bright and pretty playful so today I present you YELLOW – make friends with it I say. Here is grey and yellow (I warn you this is not the end of my tips with yellow- there is a large pile of images in my yellow folder- watch this space!)


Design Sponge



Living Etc

They R Tumbler

Source Unknown Sorry



  • Yum- grey and yellow- what a match. Just do it.
  • If you are in love with the Eiffel Tower retro chairs in the middle image (how can you not love these) check out SURROUND in Melbourne – one of my favourite stores!
  • All greys and yellow look great from dark murky grey with pastel, to elephants breath with sunshine, mist with fluro, concrete with mustard – you will find a combination that suits you.
  • For a fool proof way paint the walls grey and add accent colours like the top image- easy.
  • This look will apply to retro interiors (look for mustards), quirky glam (gold, lemon), & feminine (butter, sunshine)

Also I am looking to find the perfect image for my header- I am not sure about this one – let me know your thoughts?

August 24, 2010

Styling Idea # 9 Black Cornices

Sorry for the late post today- having a day off after running around like crazy.


When you are lying on the couch on your day off you start thinking about the ceiling and see the room in different ways- I am saying yes to dark detailed popping cornices and ceiling beams.

Julian Wass

Julian Wass Photography Styling Aaron Hom


  • If you have white walls and ceilings pay black paint now!
  • Don’t be afraid of the “closed in” feeling- it will simply add dimension and shape to your white canvas- if you hate it a few coats of white paint will bring it back so give it a try!!
  • If you have a high picture rail you could opt to paint the picture rail alone or consider wallpapering the area above the rail and painting the picture rail black to pop- lovely lovely.
  • This looks matches well with the other trends at the moment- clean white walls, wooden floor boards, indoor plants (some of my absolute favourite trends BTW).
  • If you do try this look remember you will need to repeat the black somewhere else in room that is lower- use black accessories to “pull” the room together- I would look at small items such as black picture frames, cushions, black painted wooden chairs or lamps.
  • Do bring in retro pre-loved leather- perfect for this.
  • Don’t use large black pieces if you are working on a white palette- ie don’t do this with a large black leather lounge if you have a the clean images above in mind- you will need to layer with more prints and colours to pull that off so I would stay away unless your confident.
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August 23, 2010

Styling Idea # 8 Blonde Wood, White and Plants

Good morning for a Monday!


It is a feeling a little grey here in Sydney today so I thought I would post on a bright and airy idea! I spent the weekend in a seminar too so I feeling a bit claustrophobic and in need of air.

Desire to Inspire

Apartment Therapy


  • Keep the palette completely clean- don’t be tempted to add any other colours if you want to keep this pure
  • The only expection to the above rule is layers if white- bright white, milky white, creamy white and textures
  • Prints of white with green flora are a great way to give the impression of having flowers without the expense of updating them every week
  • I love the way these images mix white chairs with wooden versions- a very easy way to make this look appear less formal
  • If you must have flowers keep them white.
  • If this is looking too girly for you pull back on the use of repeats – hang one large white and green print instead of repeats, place one vase of greenery instead of repeats- but ultimately it will always have a feminine feel.
  • If you want to add some weight consider mixing in a darker wood or a retro metallic touch of bronze- but keep this light.
August 20, 2010

Styling Idea # 7 Eclectic Table

Well its Friday already and where on earth has the year gone- I mean week really but they almost feel about the same these days


This weekend I am house hunting! I’m looking for the perfect house and I am setting my standards pretty high- but anywhere I can call home will be nice- it is hard wearing the same four winter outfits on rotation- boring.

I like people who like to drink alcohol at home. It is so nice and sociable- beers, wine, cider or maybe we could sit at this little setting and mix a cocktail- although I am terrible at making them.

Dining with Cow Hide


  • Creating an eclectic seating arrangement is really about mix and match- round tables are so friendly and you can away with three chairs if you cannot afford 4, or if 4 seems too hard to coordinate.
  • Look for chairs in colours that pop- solid colours work well if want to add pattern through mirrors, flowers, artwork.
  • The mirror cabinet in this room is perfect- it is not too heavy in the light coloured room but it actually adds to the busy-ness which is very clever for a “mix matched but I haven’t tried too hard- I just reflected stuff kinda way”.
  • If you do not have an incredible mirrored sideboard i would suggest using a large mirror that you can lean on the floor and displaying a retro drinks table in front- Campari, Jamieson, Brandy, Vermouth and Bitters!

Happy Weekend

August 19, 2010

Styling Idea # 6 B&W Striped Rugs


Its feeling a little bit warmer in Sydney today- I’m hoping it will reach its forecasted 22 degrees!

I am not really thinking about spring yet (still two weeks to go and counting) but we start to think about ways to cross the seasons- Winter and Spring- Wing? Probably won’t take off. At this time of year the mornings and nights are cold but you want to start to lighten up the place- flat weave striped rugs and native flowers are my pick. This way you keep your feet warm but the lighter stripes put a spring in your step.

Vogue Living

Living Etc

Apartment Therapy


  • Welcome to Minimal Rustic Rooms- rooms that use a backdrop of whites, woods, earthy palettes and texture to create clean living spaces that can be layered upon ever so slightly.
  • Black and white is a great base for Minimal- Rustic Rooms providing texture and warmth easily.
  • Use different size rugs- extra large that extends out from a double bed, large in living rooms, medium in dining, small in kitchen, hallways, laundry or dressing rooms.
  • Feel free to place these over carpet or floorboards.
  • Try smaller rugs in larger spaces- a small rug in the middle of blank space can look quirky and interesting
  • Think about using this idea in the smaller sizes under a pre-exisiting side table and build up the black and white theme on the table.
  • Different strokes are not just for different folks- play with horizontal and vertical and kilim prints.

Ikea has a great one that you should buy today! See it here

Have a good day!

August 18, 2010

Styling Idea # 5 Black Bathrooms


Ok, I am not sure if you can have old inspirations but this is actually an idea I had for Friday and didn’t get around to posting it!

Friday 13th was last week and what better time to promote and inspire everyone to embrace BLACK interiors. Really, there are so many misconceptions about this powerful, seductive, timeless interior colour. It doesn’t always make spaces look smaller, it is not too harsh and it is like a great LBD- pretty timeless.

Check out these yummy examples of how black can be used in bathrooms.


  • Stay away from straight harsh lines – they will make this colour look more 1990’s than chic- the above images use quirky cabinets and claw baths to create a modern look.
  • Do think about incorporating brass tapware instead of harsher silver
  • Don’t be afraid to go all out on the black- if you have small window don’t worry- no light is better than bad light in a bathroom and that gives you the excuse to create gorgeous atmosphere with artificial lighting.
  • Do pick one accent colour to create a pop- try red, yellow or grey like above. Others that would work well include ever green and white or cinnamon.
  • Do soften with feminine shapes in mirrors, vases, towels or flowers so it is not too bachelor pad.
  • Do think about your towels in this scheme- white is nice but dramatic stripes would look great.
  • Do think carefully about your flooring – oversized white tiles are a good place to start if you are unsure.
  • If you are renting and want to inject this style look for black towels, large black and white photography and even black lamps to add to the space.
  • Please don’t confuse black with slate grey- be all out black or grey but decide which you are going for.