Tip # 2 Raise The Ba(r)th

How to create drama around the bath!


Inspiration has come as I sit in a part renovated apartment (not mine unfortunately). At the moment I am unable to cook anything I cannot boil in the kettle and the bathroom and toilet both do not have doors- but I am alone so I am not bothered. But I have been looking at the bath….

The below images are just one idea around how to create drama around a bath- raise it!


Now that may seem like a simple tip (and that is what FURNNISH is all about!) but have you ever thought about raising a claw bath? I actually hadn’t.

  • Even though this first room has the luxury of length that makes the claw bath idea work best your can always create more drama around a bath- they are your sanctuary after all.
  • If your space is limited consider cleaner lines and a more modern shape- a claw bath raised in a small bathroom is just unnecessary.
  • While I’m at it if you can raise the bath with wooden slats like above and the claw bath is never flushed to the ground anyway why are we not putting nice long draws under our baths to fill with candles, magazines and bubble baths?

As an extra tip today – if you are ever renovating your house do ONE very important thing before you attempt to live amongst the rubble for any period of time- add dimmers! You may not always have lamps available but you will always need light and soft light is MUCH better at hiding mess.


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