Styling Idea #3 Gallery Entrances

I am moving houses at a fierce rate at the moment and hope to be more settled this week to create amazing posts!

In other news I attended the young blood event on the weekend here in Sydney as part of Sydney Design- I must say on a whole I was disappointed! Sorry guys. I am just hoping that we can move past vintage fabric being wrapped around everything from jewelery to bags. I know, I know pretty fabric is amazing and we need to see more of it but the innovation is just getting stale.

I did buy a cool ring that looks like gold ray bans- something unique.


The new house I am staying in has a lovely long hallway like older style houses do. I would love to try some gallery style hanging.

Elle Decor Hallway

Civility Design


  • Look for a variety of frame sizes, colours and widths if you want to create a homely feel
  • Use black and white for a cleaner layout.
  • Do think about lighting this effectively – whilst picture lights are always effective they do limit your ability to change the images later so think about gallery lighting as above that can be directed to different images later.
  • Don’t be too afraid to go low with this- a larger image hang below eye height can create a quirky layout that doesn’t look too formal. Also think about resting one large frame on the floor- a vintage print or a mirror would be perfect for this.
  • Floating shelves are a great way add another dimension- look for narrow shelves that do not intrude too far into the walkway.
  • To get the images hang correctly lay butchers paper on the floor first of all and play around with positioning the frames where you want- trace the edge of the frames and attach this butchers paper to the wall to a put in your hooks.
  • If you are renting use 3m hooks to hold the pictures and think about floor lamps stationed at each end to create a soft light.

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