Styling Idea # 4 Curtain Walls


One little secret that I will let you in on from my styling shoot I was on last week – a wall is not always a wall.  We needed a nice bright blue wall and we created one in the studio from paper hung high from the roll and a mock skirting- things are not always as they appear but illusion is sometimes the key to styling. Which leads me my post- creating a curtain wall from fabric.

Pal and Smith

Here the incredible American design company Pal and Smith show us how it is done.


  • This is a good tip for people who are not blessed with incredible walls.
  • Works well for people who are renting and want a change that is easy to reverse.
  • A quick and easy way to create drama and texture.
  • This is suitable for bedrooms and living areas (think about a small dining room-lovely).
  • Good for bachelor pads that want to feel cocooned without adding “girly curtains or fabrics”
  • If your room is flooded with natural light feel free to go soft and breezy (as long as it falls flat and doesn’t fly away).
  • If your room is darker think warm and dark colours.
  • Hang the fabric from the ceiling line down- shadow line cornices are good. If your cornice is decorative keep this is view otherwise the joining corners will look odd.
  • Do try colour, prints and different textures.
  • Do go from wall to wall- always.
  • Do use this tip to highlight a long wall – I would avoid patterns in this case.
  • Do feel free to hang artwork (like above) as long as it is not flattening the fabric.
  • Do think about creative lighting- angle spot lights at 1m intervals for wide rooms or consider uplighting from the floor.
  • Do think about this tip to create a wall where there is no wall at all. However if you use this option your fabric must be suitable on both sides and care should be taken to select a fabric that has enough weight to create a wall effect- flowing fabric will just look like a cubby house.
  • Don’t ever use shiny fabric. EVER.
  • Don’t forget to run all the way to the floor but don’t let it sag- it should just skim.
  • Don’t let anyone see any joins ever- these are not curtains really.
  • Don’t try to hang wall lights or small prints as they will not enough space to hide the joins behind.
  • Don’t feel compelled the repeat the fabric or pattern in ANY other accessories in the room (ie cushions) – you will end up looking matching and terrible.
  • Don’t make real curtains out of the fabric on another wall- that would be horrible!
  • Don’t use a fabric that you cannot remove and dry clean every now and then- dusty tables are one thing dusty walls are just not cool.
  • Don’t be tempted to try this if you are likely to have a strong breeze flowing through or overhead ceiling fans – still rooms people, still.

If you are feeling very creative think about something like these images below

Emmas Blog Curtain Wall

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