Styling Idea # 5 Black Bathrooms


Ok, I am not sure if you can have old inspirations but this is actually an idea I had for Friday and didn’t get around to posting it!

Friday 13th was last week and what better time to promote and inspire everyone to embrace BLACK interiors. Really, there are so many misconceptions about this powerful, seductive, timeless interior colour. It doesn’t always make spaces look smaller, it is not too harsh and it is like a great LBD- pretty timeless.

Check out these yummy examples of how black can be used in bathrooms.


  • Stay away from straight harsh lines – they will make this colour look more 1990’s than chic- the above images use quirky cabinets and claw baths to create a modern look.
  • Do think about incorporating brass tapware instead of harsher silver
  • Don’t be afraid to go all out on the black- if you have small window don’t worry- no light is better than bad light in a bathroom and that gives you the excuse to create gorgeous atmosphere with artificial lighting.
  • Do pick one accent colour to create a pop- try red, yellow or grey like above. Others that would work well include ever green and white or cinnamon.
  • Do soften with feminine shapes in mirrors, vases, towels or flowers so it is not too bachelor pad.
  • Do think about your towels in this scheme- white is nice but dramatic stripes would look great.
  • Do think carefully about your flooring – oversized white tiles are a good place to start if you are unsure.
  • If you are renting and want to inject this style look for black towels, large black and white photography and even black lamps to add to the space.
  • Please don’t confuse black with slate grey- be all out black or grey but decide which you are going for.

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