Styling Idea # 7 Eclectic Table

Well its Friday already and where on earth has the year gone- I mean week really but they almost feel about the same these days


This weekend I am house hunting! I’m looking for the perfect house and I am setting my standards pretty high- but anywhere I can call home will be nice- it is hard wearing the same four winter outfits on rotation- boring.

I like people who like to drink alcohol at home. It is so nice and sociable- beers, wine, cider or maybe we could sit at this little setting and mix a cocktail- although I am terrible at making them.

Dining with Cow Hide


  • Creating an eclectic seating arrangement is really about mix and match- round tables are so friendly and you can away with three chairs if you cannot afford 4, or if 4 seems too hard to coordinate.
  • Look for chairs in colours that pop- solid colours work well if want to add pattern through mirrors, flowers, artwork.
  • The mirror cabinet in this room is perfect- it is not too heavy in the light coloured room but it actually adds to the busy-ness which is very clever for a “mix matched but I haven’t tried too hard- I just reflected stuff kinda way”.
  • If you do not have an incredible mirrored sideboard i would suggest using a large mirror that you can lean on the floor and displaying a retro drinks table in front- Campari, Jamieson, Brandy, Vermouth and Bitters!

Happy Weekend

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