Styling Idea # 8 Blonde Wood, White and Plants

Good morning for a Monday!


It is a feeling a little grey here in Sydney today so I thought I would post on a bright and airy idea! I spent the weekend in a seminar too so I feeling a bit claustrophobic and in need of air.

Desire to Inspire

Apartment Therapy


  • Keep the palette completely clean- don’t be tempted to add any other colours if you want to keep this pure
  • The only expection to the above rule is layers if white- bright white, milky white, creamy white and textures
  • Prints of white with green flora are a great way to give the impression of having flowers without the expense of updating them every week
  • I love the way these images mix white chairs with wooden versions- a very easy way to make this look appear less formal
  • If you must have flowers keep them white.
  • If this is looking too girly for you pull back on the use of repeats – hang one large white and green print instead of repeats, place one vase of greenery instead of repeats- but ultimately it will always have a feminine feel.
  • If you want to add some weight consider mixing in a darker wood or a retro metallic touch of bronze- but keep this light.

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