Styling Idea # 9 Black Cornices

Sorry for the late post today- having a day off after running around like crazy.


When you are lying on the couch on your day off you start thinking about the ceiling and see the room in different ways- I am saying yes to dark detailed popping cornices and ceiling beams.

Julian Wass

Julian Wass Photography Styling Aaron Hom


  • If you have white walls and ceilings pay black paint now!
  • Don’t be afraid of the “closed in” feeling- it will simply add dimension and shape to your white canvas- if you hate it a few coats of white paint will bring it back so give it a try!!
  • If you have a high picture rail you could opt to paint the picture rail alone or consider wallpapering the area above the rail and painting the picture rail black to pop- lovely lovely.
  • This looks matches well with the other trends at the moment- clean white walls, wooden floor boards, indoor plants (some of my absolute favourite trends BTW).
  • If you do try this look remember you will need to repeat the black somewhere else in room that is lower- use black accessories to “pull” the room together- I would look at small items such as black picture frames, cushions, black painted wooden chairs or lamps.
  • Do bring in retro pre-loved leather- perfect for this.
  • Don’t use large black pieces if you are working on a white palette- ie don’t do this with a large black leather lounge if you have a the clean images above in mind- you will need to layer with more prints and colours to pull that off so I would stay away unless your confident.
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