Styling Idea #11 Shoe Seat

I’m off to help again at a Real Living shoot – should be a great busy crazy day!

Thanks to everyone who visited yesterday- the response was amazing. I hope you keep on reading!


This is a short but sweet one today and such a clever idea! If you have not checked this incredibly talented over achieving stylist who I am just in owe of have a look at what this lady has been up to Samantha Pynn.

Samantha Pynn


  • I think everyone should have a nice civilized seat to sit on, on the way in or out with a mirror to check appearances.
  • Find a cosy nook near the entrance and wallpaper the space.
  • If you have a flat space and cannot see how this will work the bench seat, cushion, shoe hiddy hole idea will still work but perhaps create an alcove between some other furniture- sideboards or an armoire would give you enough height.
  • Other suggestions for creating height to “hide” between include grandfather clock, ladder, hat stand or floor lamps.
  • If this is looking too girlee for you mix it up with a battered wooden bench, eclectic cushions, pre-loved leather and a heavy framed mirror- stick some quirky photos directly onto the mirror to create a mini vision board and a personal touch.
  • Think about some clever colour combination’s for the shoe boxes and the cushions- grey and yellow, black and white, red and cinnamon, evergreen and white- whatever suits.

If you have any other suggestions for creating a space like this I would love hear them! Have a good one

4 Comments to “Styling Idea #11 Shoe Seat”

  1. Sara you are doing so well – really enjoying the tips each day…keep blogging!!! 🙂 – also checked out her website, Ah-mazing!


  2. Sara ….. wow
    you are such a talented little creature!
    i will definitely be having a look at all your tips… i need all the help i can get. 🙂

  3. ..And what an amazing help you were today! Thanks so much for being there – you have got such an amazing future in styling ahead of you. Look forward to using your blog as daily inspiration. B x

  4. I soooo love thie idea for the shoe box seat…

    Such little space needed for such great impact.

    Functional and beautiful..

    I am so going to use this idea.

    Thanks for the inspiration..Fantastuc Blog

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