Styling Idea # 12 Half Curtains

Yesterday I was so inspired to work with an amazing team on a fantastic shoot!

Sometimes in the “glamorous” world of shooting magazine interiors things get hectic, crazy and focused and always time is of the essence. I must say the team on yesterdays shoot were such an inspiration and true indication of what it takes to get the perfect shoot and the commitment to perfection.  Thank you for showing me how it is done, the power of team work and the dedication required to achieve an impeccable shot. I am sure you will LOVE the pictures when they go to print- no spoilers- you have to buy the mag.


Sorry for the delay today I have been at fastBreak this morning – if you are interested in connecting with inspirational people who are achieving great things in creative industries I urge you come along next month, have an incredible breakfast (included in the price) and meet new people who will put a smile on your face. The topic this morning was “things change” in interiors they do too- but they never repeat they rhyme. Today’s post looks fabulously dated and perfectly now!

Desire to Inspire


  • Really? You say. YES really
  • This look doesn’t have to be done in large retro print and repeated from curtains to lounge but if you are cool and want to invite me over for a cup of tea I would suggest do it as above (seriously invite me over if you have a room like this).
  • DO look for a fabric that is floral or patterned based for your half curtains- strips and block colours are better for dramatic heavy curtains- here you want to have some fun.
  • DO try repeating even if only with a cushion else where in the room- this look is designed to break rules.
  • DO keep enough natural light coming in above so that you can keep these closed and get the impact as much as possible.
  • DO look for retro shapes in furniture- wooden armchairs and tables in teak, walnut or oak.
  • DON’T try this with floor length windows- this is a half window option.
  • DON’T  worry about you other accessories- this will set the tone for a mismatched space that allows you to be a bit chaotic- patterns can clash, styles can mingle and everyone can sit back and enjoy the view- well from the bit of the window anyway!
  • DO make iced tea from scratch!



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