Styling Idea #13 Wallpapered Columns

Good morning from foggy Wagga Wagga- it is so cold in this place. I’m home to pick up some final bits and pieces to set up my room in my new house- how exciting. I will really have to restrain myself from buying out the local second hand stores- I have 3 x 3.2 metres to decorate and I fear I will not fit in all the  couches, tables, hammocks, sideboards, chairs and daybeds I would probably see potential in.


Driving home yesterday I had so many “car thoughts” and new ideas but I cannot find images for them at the moment- bugger. I was however talking to friend of mine who is renovating and she is going to wallpaper her toilet- excellent. I will talk often about the beauty of wallpaper on this blog- although I am aware of “trend” factor I think it is important to do one of two things- wallpaper the whole room or think creatively about “areas” you can wallpaper- no plain feature walls here please.

Source unknown- sorry

Source Unknown Sorry


  • Such a nifty idea for those afraid of pattern- here you can add colour without feeling like you have step inside a wallpapered set of Where the Wild Things Grow.
  • Do look for ways you can add columns where none exist – the second image creates a structural feature by highlighting alone.
  • Do think about what look you want to achieve and buy wallpaper accordingly- the print will speak volumes about your style.
  • Some suggestions for wallpaper would be stripes for French Provincial or beachy, large florals for retro, small florals for feminine, reflective paper with abstract patterns for quirky glam, textured linen look paper for classic.
  • Do try this idea if you have high ceilings it will give an excellent sense of space and an illusion of further height.
  • Do think about playing with the pattern- sitting an upholstered chair in front of the column in a contrast fabric or one colour from the print would really pop.
  • Don’t try to create columns in the middle of the wall – there needs to be some definition between paper starting and stopping- either the end of the wall, a window, a door or decorative wall stripes (ie plastered panels)
  • Think about this idea in unique rooms for example create pillars in an entrance or a bathroom for high glam.
  • If you are renovating to sell this is a good tip to add personality without it being too daunting- chances are buyers will be impressed not turned off- it is after all easy to remove.
  • Remember that you will only ever see a small amount of this print- this means keep your repeat in mind, the size of pattern and negative space. There is no point having a beautiful print if it is too spread out or it the impact really needs to be seen across a wide panel.
  • Steer clear of novelty single paneled prints- ie wallpaper designs that are naturally long and skinny and have no repeat, generally these contain all the pattern and print in one panel. I think these will date and a traditional wallpaper will look better over time.

So sorry that i cannot find the source for these two lovely images- if you know the author, photographer or designer please let me know so I can credit accordingly and thank them.


One Comment to “Styling Idea #13 Wallpapered Columns”

  1. LOVE IT…I wish i had a column to wallpaper…what do you think of wallpapered toothbrushes as that is all I actually own!!!

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