Styling Idea #14 Fluro- Featuring Dorryce Rock


Recently strolling through Paddington I stopped into the Willow store “for a lookie”. Not really in the market for spending more money on a dress than it would cost to feed myself for 2 months but it is lovely to look- I’ll get there one day. It was here amongst their amazing clothes that I discovered Dorryce Designs- and feel in love.

Dorryce Rock is by no means new the art world in Sydney and I have previously seen her work featured in magazines such as belle – but this is the first time I have seen her paintings in real life. Living in a bright and colourful home in Edgcliff Dorryce is a master of colour -living with colour, working with colour and creating images that vibrate on such a high intensity that they appear to transcend the canvas. Dorryce tells me she has been working with this incredible fluid style for 4 years now and her experience shows – check out the beautiful use of fluro in the pieces below.

Dorryce Rock

Dorryce Rock

Dorryce Rock


  • Invest in large statement pieces that set the tone of the room – Dorryce Rock artworks range from $1800- $4200 and are totally room changing.
  • Look for ways to add a splash of fluro- vintage artwork or cushions are a good start but build up to stronger piece soon after.
  • Piping on furniture can really pop- try fluro yellow against linen on a chair if you are more traditional
  • Use dark moody colours or clean crisp white as your base if you are unsure- dark grey with pops of pink would be perfect!
  • Blonde woods are going to suit this idea better as a general guide
  • Try yellow, orange, pink – stay clear of green, purple and blue (they were always the dud highlighters and there is a reason for this!)
  • Fluros look good with the pastel version of the same colour- try pink with soft pinks or fluro yellow with buttery lemon.
  • Be bold with this- a little pink of pink fluro is going to look like a girls bedroom – don’t skimp.


DVF has launched a new furniture line in plastic neon- get on this trend now!

Kartell is another source of inspiration for bright fluros and neons that work magic!

Fluro in pattern

For more details contact Dorryce Rock


PH: 02 9328 1504

Mobile: 0418 246 937

“Eclipse” is on display at Willow- 3A GLENMORE ROAD Paddington and GPO Building Melbourne

In store until October 2010- get into store now or see more of the works here


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