Styling Idea #15 Cowhide Rugs


Oh I love new products that have been designed by clever people! Reading Mr Jason Grants Blog I found out that the People’s Choice Awards are on now for Evolve Design awards – jump on and have your say. Patterned, printed, designed, collaborated rugs are huge at the moment so there is no excuse for boring floors- although I must say they don’t always hit the nail on head for me- too many leave me feeling kind of….perplexed?

How would this really look on my floor?? Some of rugs make me we want to shout (in a good way!)

I agree with Jason’s selection of picks but I would also add Emma Elizabeth round diamond because round rugs are unbelievable. Also because I am a huge fan of Emma’s vision and think she is an incredible stylist – if you are not already following her Design Vlog hurry up.

Anyway- back to the post about cowhide- here are my picks from around the traps!

Emmas Blog

Samantha Pynn

Living Etc


  • There is something soooo comforting about these rugs against the new flashy designer prints don’t you think?
  • Yes, they are earthy, so keep them earthy in colours and tone- leather, brown, black, neutrals, charcoals, green.
  • No, they are not country so stay away from cane, taxidermy, dried floral arrangements or coffee tables that look like tree stumps.
  • Yes, they can be kitsch so think about retro references such as exposed brick, modular lounges, matching ottomans (YES) swinging salon doors and chandeliers- if that’s what your into.
  • These images all show surprisingly sunny cowhide but I like it a little more dark and moody- heavy wood, burgundy leather, bookcases and record players.
  • Be aware of wear and tear- these will improve with age in my opinion but if you want perfection place them in low traffic areas.
  • Do look for different prints to suit your style – block colours work well if you like prints and artwork elsewhere, tri-colour can be an over powering print so select these wisely.
  • I love how Samantha Pynn used a clear transparent coffee table over the rug to see the full effect- top points.
  • Combine with carpet or floorboards- this idea will work with both.
  • If you like minimal interiors this will work, conversely if you want to lots of layers don’t look past a cowhide.
  • If you like animal skin to stay on the animals don’t bother with idea at all- it will just make you sad.

I would really love your thoughts on cowhide v new designer rugs craze??


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