Styling Idea # 19 Long Skinny Table (with Artwork)


For this post I was inspired by yesterday’s post. I said rectangle tables bad, square table good right? Well then I found this image filed away in my huge “things to blog about folder (no source attached sorry- I wasn’t saving at the beginning because it was for my own reference and to find these images again is torturous. If it is your image 1- let’s be friends, 2- let me know). This is the perfect image to post today because it contradicts what I said yesterday, so it keeps you guessing and it combines my before mentioned post of Large Floral Artwork. More over I think it is totally gorgeous and everyone needs gorgeous on Tuesday don’t they!

No Source Sorry



  • So, square table not your thing or you have a longer space like above than my advice is to go long – the longer the better in this case.
  • DO mix and match the chairs so it feels less like a wedding table and more like a cafe vibe.
  • DO look for incredible wood that is just made to be on display.
  • DO keep the table decorating minimal like before but if you have guest feel free to style this up like crazy. I would use different place-mats with this table in retro inspired prints and three vases of different blooms.
  • DO hang a pendent light, but this time try 2 or 3 in different styles over the length of the table.
  • DO play up the proportions- this works because the artwork balances out the length of the table – smaller artwork placed along the wall would be too predictable and only serve to make the table look too skinny. Note how this piece starts at the floor- remember that.
  • DON’T worry if you do not have a space this long with a skylight overhead- you can always buy a new house, or a square table.

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One Comment to “Styling Idea # 19 Long Skinny Table (with Artwork)”

  1. I adore this! This might just be my very next dining room!!!

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