Styling Idea # 20 Fretwork Bedhead


I recently completed a bedroom for a client and one of the key elements of the design was a padded bedhead. Now it seems that padded bedheads are a bit omnipresent at the moment but you don’t have to fork out a fortune for a tufted one or be stuck with a boring beige one either. Any upholsterer can cover a board for you and provide a handy bracket to fix to the wall. Cover the bedhead later with a new fabric when you get sick of the print or simply remove the brackets and paint the wall if you are over the idea. I got this one covered including fabric and brackets for $500.

Sara Chamberlain

Sara Chamberlain

Sara Chamberlain


  • I think coming into summer this could be a nice lift to any bedroom scheme- sometimes a new doona cover or spread is not an option (because they are generally pretty ugly if you ask me)
  • Think about different colours that might suit your style- if you go heavy on the print you can decide to go minimal on the bedding, or clash prints for a more adhoc look.
  • I decided to use this larger print in the room for a client who wanted a minimalist room that is still inviting – the large size of the bedhead occupies a good amount of the wall space but let’s the rest of the room feel clean and sparse.
  • This look suits the glam styles that are big at the moment but it could be alot more relaxed with a lower bed, messy cushions and the use of two fabrics on the bedhead (consider a horizontal split with one large fretwork and the other a different print.
  • Think about using other geometric shapes in the room like the fabric I used for the ottoman I upholstered (that’s the ottoman lid in the last photo)
  • There are a lot of these prints around in green, aqua and yellow- all great colours for a spring lift.

3 Comments to “Styling Idea # 20 Fretwork Bedhead”

  1. Love the bedhead.
    $500 dollars and it changes the whole room..
    Also the pattern on the ottomon is beautiful .
    Would like to see more pictures of this in a latter post.

    Have a great day

  2. i love that bedhead fabric, what is it?

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