Styling Idea # 21 Mixed Sofas

21 is my favourite number so I hope you like this post – when I get to idea 121 I think maybe I should have party – there you go – it is in print now.


The other day at Vampt I was serving a lovely customer in the market for a retro sofa. We were looking through the ranges and it occurred to me that perhaps people do not consider the wonderful ways you can mix sofas. She wanted a softer feminine style (Norweign velvet vintage no less) and her partner is, well, a man. Probably not that comfortable on a lady style sofa. Buying a 3 picee lounge these days is so blahhh. Why are we not looking for ways to create a personal space?  Here is what I am talking about!


  • One the best styling tips I can give you is unstyle- mix it up, break the matchy matchy and get creative.
  • Work with colours that are in harmony.
  • Think about era’s or overall commitment to a style but don’t look at the one sofa and think you cannot pair it with something different.
  • If in doubt try one of these friends in the un-matched world of sofas- velvet and leather, stripes and florals or patterns and plains.
  • Look for other connecting elements to tie the room together- shared side tables or lamps, common cushions, a rug that connects the space, repeat the style of one of the pieces again (like the image above repeating the tufting chair on the right).
  • These sofas work around the edge of the room but two unmatched sofa’s bonding parallel over a cool coffee table can be just as fun.
  • If you like the above image here is the key to realize- “The success of this space lies in the repeats, not of the sofa colour but of the rug and artwork.” There you have it- the fools proof way to recreate this look. The sofa’s are the same colour so yes, the blend together, however the eye is attracted to the bold prints and repeat use of black and white first allowing these lounges to hang out side by side and look amazing.
  • Find a rug and artwork combo that repeats colours and can get any same colour lounges to work.

I really hope Vampt will let me do a shoot with some of our unmatched sofas to show you just how far you can push this idea and get amazing results. You want to be the photographer contact me!!

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