Styling Idea # 22 Mirrored Walls with Door


There can be no other inspiration for this post than the actual image itself.

It is incredibly rare to find truly unique ideas in styling and images that you believe you could live with. Many of the interiors I come across in my research look great but I wouldn’t want them in my home – here we have a winner.  I am honestly wishing and hoping that someone with a big wall, big budget and big confidence calls me and let’s me do this in their space! For me, it is ideas like this and creativity of this level that interior dreams are made of.  I think I have just raised the bar for all future posts.

Watch this space.

UXUS Office

UXUS Office


  • Although this looks sparse and office like it would easily look amazing in a residential space with some softer colours and warmer furniture.
  • The above image using the same colours and same flooring between the wall to create a seamless connection and a glass like feeling – this is all about keeping the illusion going.
  • Think about rooms that this could connect- bedroom to en suite, bedroom to dressing room, living room to dining
  • Use this idea in small spaces such as a guest room with a pokey en suite- guest would never forget their stay here! This would work well in a guest room because they would not have to look at themselves all the time in the mirrors- just for the stay.
  • Make sure that the door is a feature- Big, heavy, dark, patterned, wooden, imposing and all about creating an entrance.
  • DO remember that the door frame is very important to the design so use it wisely and keep it a feature.
  • DO remember that the door left open will give an intriguing view into the next room so consider a patterned wallpaper in the next room, a dramatic pendent or a Moroccan tiled floor that invites the visitor to explore- this will not have the above illusionary effect but will create intrigue.
  • DO remember that the mirrored wall is a big commitment- think about what it is reflecting and how the light is managed – keep it clean and uncluttered for best result.
  • DO think about linking the bright light room with a dark imposing den- how exciting!

Visit the incredible UXUS design here for more details and inspiration.

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