Styling Idea #24 Retro Pink Bathrooms


I recently read that 1 in 4 mid century bathrooms were pink- that is around 5 million pink bathrooms (this is a US figure but Australia would have followed suit on the trend). No wonder it took us so long to get over this overload. Now, they do make you look better (pink light is very flattering) but is it possible to image a return to this colour in the bathroom?? I say so- here are some styling ideas that make it work.

The Design Files

Source Unknown- Sorry


Lonny Magazine


  • I think there are really two options with this styling idea- either be vintage or be modern.
  • If you are likely to try the vintage think about shapes and colours that are sympathetic to the look BUT IN A NEW WAY – round mirrors, vanities with legs, round handles, square tiles (either 10cm variety or mosaic) and stick to the correct shade of pink PASTEL LOLLY PINK.
  • Don’t use black.
  • If you want to be modern you will also have to commit to the idea- there can be no halfway with this colour.
  • This idea does not work with just adding towels and flowers (sorry) you’re either in our your out.
  • Wallpaper obviously is an easier option than tiles and can be more dramatic for less cost- I would think about something soft in a modern print- I love this one below from Trove.
  • If you are considering pink think about changing the shape of the bathroom- this colour would work well in a large space where you can create a parlour feeling with a dressing area, a bathroom chair, a bath in the middle of the room or dressing table.
  • The Lonny Magazine is a good example of how the original tile shape and colour can be brought up to speed with a modern pattern- although it does break my don’t use black rule (IT WORKS BECAUSE THE PINK AND BLACK DO NOT ACTUALLY SIT SIDE BY SIDE- THEY ARE SEPARATED BY WHITE)!
  • There is whole a website dedicated to saving the original pink bath rooms called “Save the Pink Bathrooms”- but I think we can start a clean slate and take inspiration instead.

Trove Nekkar Wallpaper In Pink

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