Styling Idea # 25 Mini Sofa (The Settee)


If you will allow me to pop back into my bedroom for a momento – I want a bedroom chair. BUT bedroom chairs seem so passe – if I had the space I would be investing in a mini sofa or the settee! That leads me to this post and I am making an announcement- I think the SETTEE is the best thing to buy right now. Wow- did I really just say that? That is a pretty big call, however I cannot imagine a room that wouldn’t benefit from such an excellent piece of furniture. I want several and you will too after seeing these.

Holly Maus

Lonny Magazine

Ochre Chair

Ochre Chair

Greg Natale

Jonathon Adler

Apartment Dreams

Found on The Design Files- Megan Park Store


  • Breaking this styling idea down is like describing how a puppy looks cute- they just do! Small things are always better looking and sofa’s are no exception.
  • These can be pretty, rustic, minimal, retro, classic, traditional whatever you fancy!
  • Think about different walls that these can sit on- they hold their own so empty walls can filled with joy and settee’s. Hallways, entrances, mezzanine levels, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms- I don’t think I need to go on.
  • Invest in mirrors, pendents and side tables and you have this styling idea nailed.
  • Think about the upholstery- each upholstery type will speak volumes about your space. As this is not the main lounge you could go a bit crazy with upholstery prints or keep it classic with velvet or linen.
  • I would love to see two mismatch fabric settees either side of a breakfast table- lovely.
  • Do you need a cushion on your settee? Well, not necessarily- I am a big fan of these looking undressed so if you cannot find the perfect cushion make up for it with an amazing piece of art over it and keep it bare.

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