Styling Idea # 28 Shower Seat


Everyone has a shower right?

And there are certain things that need to achieved while we are in there? And yet we are always balancing the containers and implements and the limbs precociously while the water gets in the way. And we like the water because it is keeping us warm, but it is getting in the way. Why don’t you just sit down and position everything nicely.

Source Unknown Sorry


  • This gorgeous example is inspired by the Butterfly chair originally designed by Sori Yanagi in 1954 and is actually a design that is in the MoMA’s permanent collection. Look it up- you should know this.
  • DO pick something in a colour!! What a way to add colour to your bathroom don’t forget your towels.
  • DO pick something that is waterproof- plastic is a good place to start.
  • DON’T worry if it is not in the “shower seat” aisle of your local homeware store- be inventive and find something that looks good that you can sit on that won’t rot or melt in the shower. Done.
  • DO buy new shampoo and conditioner in bottle colours that match the stool – now your thinking like a stylist πŸ™‚

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