Styling Idea # 29 Black Lace Curtains


I’m bringing back lace curtains.

If you were to see my list of things to bring back you would be horrified at my ambition yet hopefully optimistic that the contents is all worthy of a revival. Some of the best inspirations from fashion are in fact pure rehash and interiors are no different- we just need to remember that they never repeat they just rhyme. Think of lace curtains as the new double denim- you can’t believe you are doing it again but it is so good.

Rachel Whiting


  • DO look for plain flat lace that can be drapped without pleats- this will show off the pattern of the lace nicely
  • DO think about how you are going to drape this – it is best if you do not need to tie them back- let them hang casually.
  • DO look for the lace in different places- table cloths for example often have a nice see through pattern that when draped can look amazing.
  • DO think of other colours- yellow, pink or green would work well.
  • DO look for furniture that highlights the retro inspiration.

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