Styling Idea # 30 White Bricks


My parents used to have an exposed brick wall in our house- I am sure many of you have lived with one at some stage. By the time we left that house 10 years on I was completely convinced that exposed brick walls were a terrible idea and they must be rendered or covered at any cost! If I was still living there now I would be in love with the brick wall again but perhaps to freshen it up we could paint it white- it adds a wonderful retro vibe.

Source Unknown Sorry

Source Unknown Sorry

Source Unknown


  • Look for retro inspired lighting – Sputniks, Artichoke lights, or Castiglioni Flos light.
  • Shag pile carpet? Yes please.
  • Paint directly over pipes, radiators, plumbing whatever- industrial white is cool.
  • Whilst the top two images are more relaxed the bottom two demonstrate that the space can be more formal if you require.
  • Think about this idea for bedrooms and kitchens also.
  • Keep windows clean and undressed- we don’t want to clutter this.

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