Styling Idea # 31 Velvet Lounges


I’m in Melbourne at the moment and I spent all day yesterday setting up the most amazing cardboard city EVER! My clever little sis has written a kids book and the launch is tonight! I will certainly be posting about the outcome… look out for tomorrow’s post.

The venue that the gallery is attached to is the trendy little spot owned by Jerome (of Laneway Festival fame) called 1000 Pound Bend – this wonderful Melbourne venue, of course, uses a plethora of velvet lounges to create the retro laid back feeling. Like my “Mixing Lounges” idea earlier this styling idea is easy to do – however this time stick to velvet and one colour blocks.

1000 Pound Bend

Here’s my pick of colours and shapes

Burnt Orange from Vintage Cabin

Ruby Red


  • Look for colours in traditional retro palette- ruby red, burnt orange, turquoise, ice blue, mustard, moss green.
  • Look for pieces that are in good condition- cafe’s can do torn furniture but to use these everyday you want it in good nick.
  • Look for different shapes – shape lines, Queen Anne, modular- anything goes.
  • I love a styling idea that straddles different styles- make this feminine or retro at your peril.
  • Use a velvet piece in a bedroom, a formal living, an outdoor room (under cover) – where ever!
  • Do use rugs to pull bold together in a seating area.
  • Do you lamps- lots and lots of them in vintage fabric shades and tassels and ceramic bases.
  • Don’t use modern cushions on these couches- bold contemporary prints would look out of place- think crochet, retro florals, fringed cushions in nanna fabrics only.

One Comment to “Styling Idea # 31 Velvet Lounges”

  1. Oooh! Look forward to the post tomorrow! B x

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