Styling Idea # 33 Pretend Photo Frames


When you personalise a space it is amazing how many things you have held onto for different reasons. Photos, trinkets, jewellery, tickets, cuttings from magazines- lots of little “I will keep that for later”. I am about to do a vision board in my room- something that I have wanted for a long time. This board will host images of what I hope to achieve, what is important to me and things that inspire. Rather than do a cork board “mum in the kitchen” style I might hunt down some old frames and get creative with something like this.

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Desire to Inspire


  • I love how these frames allow un related and different shape and size images be grouped together.
  • It is easy to find frames at second hand stores- look for different textures, colours and styles
  • Think about your layout before committing to the wall- lay them out on a piece of butchers paper and when you are happy trace your pattern- that way you can stick the butchers paper up and make whole where you want the nails or hooks to be.
  • Take inspiration from the second picture and place your objects inside the frame at different alignments.
  • DO use frames inside of frames for a quirky effect.
  • DO look for objects that are a different shapes to create a break in the angles.
  • DO remember that colour rules apply- the colours of images are important too in creating harmony!
  • If you are not confident working with negative space keep the frames connected to each other like the second image.
  • DON’T use just photos in this- gather a variety of pieces that are personal but most importantly beautiful.
  • DON’T forget about the space below- you want to create a casual but not cluttered area around this wall so keep you styling eyes on until you have completed the wall.

One Comment to “Styling Idea # 33 Pretend Photo Frames”

  1. I am really enjoying my daily viewing of your site. I find myself really looking forward to recieving the email.
    You are exposing me to a very different direction in furnishing !!! I love it. Well done for opening up the sky.

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