Styling Idea # 35 Whites and Brights


ohhh the sunshine, the sunshine! For those of us in Sydney this morning is truly glorious! The sun is shining through my window and making the day seem so exciting already, funny the power of light. I spent the wee hours last night reading about feng shui for a client and that started me thinking more about bright colours. There seems to be a strong trend around white interiors, however the next step of that trend is creating bright accents around the room- check it out.

Elle Decor





  • This is all about accessories! Think about everything and imagine in a popping colour. Start with the obvious- rugs, cushions, lamps, flowers, indoor plants, throws, artwork and side tables.
  • To create your second layer of colour think about smaller items in bright palettes that will bounce against the white and add an extra dimension- teapots, vases, pot plants pots, glasses, cookie jars or tea towels- anything you can add a bright colour to will work.
  • DON’T panic about picking the right colours- this is inspired by nature at it’s best- yellow, lilac, grass green, sky blue, pinks, raspberries, orange, lime, aqua, teal or citrus  – so perfectly spring.
  • HERE’S the main tip- don’t get stuck with primary colours- add something outside the primary colour range to make sure it doesn’t look like a school classroom. In the above examples the a 1st image uses lime, aqua and pink, the 2nd uses powder blue, the bathroom image uses a neon green- anything outside the primary family will throw the eye off and let all the colours exist together.
  • I have included the Elle Decor reference as an example of adding brights to a more classic space- the flowers, the lamp, the chairs, the puppy dog on the mantle- these are all unexpected in this classic setting but they make it so much more interesting don’t you think!

Have a sunny and colourful day.

3 Comments to “Styling Idea # 35 Whites and Brights”

  1. I LOVE so much about this post! Your are so right….bright…sunny…colourful…amazing…just like the weather! Thanks for reminding us all (even the designers of this world) not to be scared of a little colour…it gets under estimated too often! The blog is so fab, well done!

  2. What’s really great about this idea is that you can always change the room color. That’s just really great! Enjoy your day, Kellie xx

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