Styling Idea # 36 Mirrored Cabinets


Mirrors are always a friend when styling- they reflect light, look amazing, can be all sorts of styles depending on the frame and they functional at the same time. I have recently spent hours trying to get a mirror to my mum for your birthday (sorry mum if you are reading this) only to find out that it is hard work transporting the large variety of these from Sydney to Wagga- that means you are not getting a mirror this weekend mum- oops. If I could have, I would have found you some yummy mirrored cabinets- like these.

Pal and Smith

Civility Design


  • All sorts, all styles, all space- make everything look brighter, cooler, and more interesting with a mirrored surface.
  • Think about what is going to reflect- patterned carpets are a good one.
  • I love how these are broken up with patterns, panels and prints- not stock standard formal mirrored cabinets.
  • If you want to make an impression turn one these into a drinks cabinet.
  • Don’t stick these to the bedroom- think about hallways, living, dining and entertaining areas.
  • DO keep them sparkling and clean.

2 Comments to “Styling Idea # 36 Mirrored Cabinets”

  1. Love the Pal and Smith one. Now these would be awesome bed sides, that way I don’t need to worry about matching woods. Where do I start looking?

  2. Hey Ange- start here for some ideas – they do have some mirror ones but there is a wait on delivery.

    Hope that helps- if you find some let me know xx

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