Styling Idea # 37 Window Seats


A friend of mine has recently purchased a new apartment and I am going to be helping her with some styling ideas. In true “modern couple” style they are giving up the large master bedroom to create an entertainment den, getting rid of the laundry to create a bar and sacrificing a second living area for a large dinner table for hosting dinner parties. It is amazing how we we look at spaces now not as what the floor plan dictates but rather how the floor plan will meet our lives. If you are currently living out your space in it’s traditional way I would encourage to think about your options. Do you really need a second bedroom or would a dedicated home library meet your lifestyle? Do you need that cupboard for storage or could it be transformed into an office behind doors?

One way to create a whole new ‘activity area’ in an empty space is create a window seat. Often a window is dead space- it is used as a window to create light and left to it, but with this idea you can create a new living corner, a reading hub, a quiet space or a retreat.

Apartment Dreams

Apartment Dreams

House of Turquiose

Apartment Dreams

Apartment Dreams

From the Right Bank


Now, this is not a revolutionary styling idea but here are some assumptions dispelled (there is a bit here because I think everyone should be inspired to give this a go).

  • You don’t need a large space- as long as it is wide enough to sit comfortably you have a possible window seat.
  • You don’t need this to be a built in structure- place a settee in front of a window- voila- window seat! Add some depth around it with bookcases, side tables, stacks of cushions or floor lamps- you don’t need to build a bay window and permanent seat.
  • You don’t need this to be pretty and floral- rustic leather lounges, over sized black cushions, masculine wooden details, decked by a mini bar and your in business.
  • This can work in a clean modern space- the second last image is a good example of a minimal window seat.
  • You don’t need a small room – large open plan spaces can be redefined by developing a second seating area in front of the window in addition to the main couches in the space.

Here is what you do need

  • A window – most of us have one.
  • Cushions- you want to seat here, you want it to be comfortable.
  • Good lighting- have you got some way of managing the say light and softly lighting at night.
  • Some reading material- even if you don’t use it- it looks good.
  • To check out this beautiful site- where I found some of the amazing images above “Apartment Dreams
  • A window seat.

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