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October 5, 2010

Styling Idea # 39 No Kitchen Shelves


I’m a huge fan of food. I am also a huge fan of sharing food and preparing food. But the truth be known I am not such a great cook and a very very rarely have time to cook at home. On an average week I would cook or eat dinner at home maybe 3 times- especially over longs weekends or in summer- there is too much to do and I always seem to be out and about. Whilst the kitchen is a true hub and I don’t ever want to limit my kitchen to “one cupboard and chopping board” I do think I could do away with the overhead, over cluttered and overbearing shelves. Check this out….

Living Etc


  • This kitchen doesn’t have to be at the expense of all your kitchen gadgets- just be clever about where you store things and be tidy and organised.
  • Use a sideboard near your dining area that can hold your entertaining things- fancy dinner plates, platters, glasses etc
  • Keep it clean- very clean on top without clutter or mess.
  • Select appliances that blend into the colour scheme so you can take away that “kitchen” feeling.
  • The spare walls can now become amazing places for artwork, wallpaper, a splash of colour, quirky clocks, windows, photos- keep it un-kitchen like to add the element of surprise.