Styling Idea # 41 One Chair – Many Prints


I really have to stop working out of my bedroom. Really, working with mood boards, colour swatches, fabric swatches, brochures and business cards is not good feng shui. Currently I have my bedroom chair (I took my own advice and invested in honeycomb velvet vintage- noice) with an array of business cards and brochures stuck with blue tac all over the wall above. If anyone knows of any desks for rent in a fun place let me know 🙂

Mean while if my chair was better and the business cards were prints it might look a little more stylish- here’s what I mean.

One Hour

One Hour


  • Okay, so this idea is really about using dead space in a way that makes it look like a whole new area of the room- you are dressing the whole area so it should look finished.
  • A chair that is a more ornate than you would normally use is good- one special upholstered chair in a print that doesn’t match the rest of the suite would be great, or a chaise or that special leather vintage chair that you saved for but don’t really want to watch tv in.
  • Make sure your hanging goes vertical! The bottom image goes right to the roof which I would not normally do but it works especially with the horns on the cornice- how clever.
  • These images use neutral tones prints that blend together which is nice but if you want to look like a crazy artist I would go for different pieces- photography, fluro paintings, classic oils, nudes, record covers and anything a bit vulgar…be bold.
  • Other ingredients – window, lamp, foliage and somewhere to put your tea and a book.

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