Styling Idea # 42 Cherry Blossoms


Okay, here we go for the order of the day with cherry blossoms! My sister got this botanical tattooed on her arm because it means feminine power and beauty- can something this incredible represent anything else?

Apartment Dreams


  • Get something pretty not naff – that means if it is an Asian style replicable print of the plant that focuses more on the branch than the flower and is predominately in red it is probably not pretty enough and will let cheap- be careful.
  • Photos of the real thing are a good place to start- full bloom, large and fluffy.
  • Any interior, any space, any time will work with this.


You wont see any cherry blossom here, more likely to be oleander (my landscape designer friend will either slam more or applaud my botanical references) but I think everyone fantasies about a place like to sit on a Friday.

Apartment Dreams

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One Comment to “Styling Idea # 42 Cherry Blossoms”

  1. I sooo love the white pink and dark wood in the room.

    How fresh and beautiful..

    I want to live in it..

    Keep on keeping on. love opening your blog everyday..Inspiring

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