Styling idea # 43 Mint Green


This morning I am off to present my plans for an executive office space in city. I am so lucky to get to work on this incredible space- it is a heritage listed building with amazing architectural featuresI am very excited to see it all come together. I have decided to ditch the grey wall idea- too gloomy- I think with such traditional features I am looking at warmer colours. One of the key colours in the branding is a mint green that I think will give it a contemporary feel, a branding presence, and a dash of freshness. Green also can represent good luck, tranquility, calmness and has stress relieving properties. Great colour for an executive coaching company- but I will use it sparingly.


Pal and Smith



House of Turquiose



Source Unknown Sorry



  • This colour can be surprisingly grown up and sophisticated- mix with dark wood and clean whites to make it look strong.
  • This is colour that works wonderfully as a texture- plush fabrics, silk rugs, soft furnishings, upholstery or anything with touch-ability factor (not sure if that is a word but a hyphen will let me get away with it!)
  • Stay away from too many other bright colours if you are trying to make this colour look strong and bold.
  • Add in other pastels- lemon, baby blue and pinks if you trying to soften the colour up.
  • DO use shades of mint green and other soft green layered together.
  • DO use gold and brass finishes to make it sophisticated- silver and chrome are best for cooler contemporary spaces.

I’m off to present soon- wish me luck 🙂

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