Styling Idea # 44 Wallpaper Bedroom


Last night I spent the night at a my aunties house (only 5 years older so big sister style really) and had the chance to play stylist with her space. No one ever has accumulated more trinkets and boxes and jewellery and scarfs and books and pretty little pieces ever! It was like styling after spending five days prepping and I still don’t think that you could replace the life time of special pieces (those of you who know who I am talking about can vouch for this). Really if we needed a stack of ivory bangles we had them, a wooden box- no problem, a pin cushion with brooches- which one would you like?

It got me thinking about how much I don’t collect trinkets- to play stylist in my room you have books and maybe a cushion. VERY clean. I was jealous! Why don’t I have all this stuff?? But bascially you are a stuff person or not, you are an accessories person or not. I don’t think two fashion rings (under $20) count as a jewellery box and I certainly cannot style with them.

One way I would inject instant feminine appeal and prettiness is a strong floral wallpaper.


One Hour



  • As I am a minimal accessory person this is the equivalent of the pretty floral dress – you really only need a cute pair of shoes to pull this together- or a cute lamp in this case.
  • Use the colours of the paper to dictate the colours of space- this is your main colour area so pay attention to where the repeat will occur in the room. Will you notice more grey accessories if you have a grey print- yes, so make those accessories gorgeous.
  • If you are not into adornment this is an easy way to inject pattern and interest into the space- you can easily continue to live with your clean lines, plain bed linen, strong masculine shapes, and clutter free side tables. In fact I recommend you do so.
  • Keep your accessories stash organised- yes- you can still have pieces out but the piled on look will be over the top with such large strong prints- be a little more discreet.
  • Don’t be afraid to play up on the combination- I love how the last picture uses dark prints and floors and white furniture, the reverse would be amazing too.
  • If you are little spooked about using it all other the room- remember the feature wall behind your bed you will not see as you lay in your bed and therefore it will not seem as busy when you are trying to get some peace and quiet.
  • Flowers will still go- flowers go anywhere any time.


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