Styling Idea # 47 Tarten


I’m slow to jump on the show so excuse me- but I have been coveting tartan for a while now. Watching Mrs Drapers’ kitchen in Mad Men is perfect if you ask me. Not into wallpaper from the 50’s? Check this out…


Lonny Magazine



Design Evolution



Lonny Magazine



One Hour



  • I’m loving the chairs being upholstered in a tartan- adds a surprise over the table!
  • Remember cushions, tablecloths and rugs always add a pattern in a non-committal way- avoid lampshades (unless you have a quirky vintage base and that is look you are after)
  • Caramels, greens, reds, greys, chocolate, blue and white- lots of tartan combo’s for lots of different styles.
  • Think about throwing a traditional tartan rug over all white bed linen.
  • Blue and black tartan suits the current black and white trends and looks more modern.
  • I would love to try tartan curtains or at least a valance- perhaps a structured valance to add a pop of retro colour to a kitchen.
  • Include tartan when mixing prints- try floral, tartan, strip and animal print on scatter cushions.
  • Avoid red and green tartans or anything that resembles your old school uniform- it is hard to get past.
  • Tartans are a good pattern options that can be relatively gender neutral so it can be good in main bedrooms or kids nursery over florals.
  • Be aware of the retro nature of this print- if you incorporate it in retro shapes you will create a vintage look (retro shape chairs for example) if you use it in contemporary styles it will look modern- this is entirely up to you.
  • For a fun playful look without too much commitment add a tartan table cloth with a retro vase and flowers. HELLO SPRING!!

One Comment to “Styling Idea # 47 Tarten”

  1. LOVE TARTAN…LOVE LOVE LOVE…It;s the sex pistols in me that i just can’t gte rid of!! xx

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