Styling Idea # 48 Lal’s Bathroom


I have just spent a weekend at my grandmothers house. Never has there been a more cocooning and snug environment. We have a lovely name for my grandmother and call her “Lal” – you are not allowed to steal that idea I am afraid, it is all for her!

I am not sure what your grandmother’s style is like but she manages to collect so many nick nacks to display that there is always something to look at. She never makes it feel cluttered and she is a cleanest person in the universe so no dust collecting here- just pieces of elements that make you feel at home.

This is not her space but you can imagine…


  • I love that no space here is left un cared for- the doolies on the toilet, the space between the mirror, the basin- add your life and create a stylish and personal space. Sometimes things don’t always need to be put away.
  • DON’T add things that you think go together- styling isn’t perfect, it’s personal.
  • DON’T ignore the rules of balance and harmony- the items may not match but you still need to be able to dance your eyes across the objects in a pleasing way.
  • DO remember that the colours should work in harmony so that it doesn’t get too busy.
  • This idea will work to add charm to a small bathroom, en suite, laundry or kitchen.
  • Keep it clean and fresh but being immaculate!

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