Styling Idea # 51 Wrought Iron Beds


Spending a weekend in Bowral reminds you that classic is sometimes best. There is something about that special place that makes you want to buy baking dishes, floral lounges and scented candles. I would love to have a cottage to get away to with a classic wrought iron bed.

Sweet Home Style

Apartment Dreams

Apartment Dreams


  • DO look for 90’s inspired floral linen and cushions
  • DO make your own curtains
  • DO style this look with traditional elements- painted furniture, washing jugs and quirky lamps
  • DON’T over do the pillows and cushions on this look we want 1990’s inspired not copied.
  • If you want to add colour do look for a handmade knitted or crochet blanket to hang over the bed end.
  • Do look for linen with soft lace details and mix up fitted and top sheets.

2 Comments to “Styling Idea # 51 Wrought Iron Beds”

  1. Beautiful!! Absolutely beautiful!! I love the clean cottage look but it also reminds me of the Cape Cod look that I see quite a bit where I live. So simple with so many looks; I really love it.

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