Styling Idea # 53 Simple Bedrooms


Last night I decided to try on everything in my wardrobe- you know one of those days when you think you need to do a really good audit of where you are at? This has absolutely (everything) nothing to do with the fact that I fly to Hong Kong tomorrow and plan on spending a years wage on the shopping over there. So I decided to see where the holes are in the wardrobe department- tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes – you know the drill. I was trying to see if I had the items to create something like this or this, but this is totally my style, although I really loved this and this. Damn Sydney, why are you not inside Milan?

Ok, if you are not playing along with the click through game that may, in fact, be the worst sentence on any blog, ever. Sorry.

So, what has all of this got to do with Simple Bedrooms? Well, lets just say at the end of the night after pulling out my closet my room looked as far away as possible from this. I was longing for clean simple lines (and much better clothes).

Design Evolution

Design Evolution

Design Evolution

Interiors Porn


  • This styling idea has the power to knock your socks off! It can be the equivalent of a simple black t-shirt dress you just have to refrain, refrain, refrain.
  • DON’T use prints unless you have to – a small cushion is okay.
  • DON’T feel the need to use side tables- you may need one small piece or two un matching insignificant, mini tables.
  • DO look for bedlinen that is not too fussy or in need of an iron- we want flat, light reflecting surfaces.
  • DO use pillows, but keep them minimal.
  • DON’T worry about a bed head- only one of the above has one and yet they all work against a plain wall. If you want to use a bedhead look for teak or a plain fabric.
  • If you must, tread lightly with prints (one), flowers (fresh from the garden), lamps (blend them into the surroundings), bedroom chair (small) and curtains (sheer lace).
  • Remember you cannot have all of the suggestions in the above point- pick what is important and when in doubt refer to point #1.
  • DO be super dooper clean and tidy. You must make your bed everyday and put away all your things. Yes, I know painful- but you endure pain for fashion- why not your interiors?
  • DON’T pull out your wardrobe over this bedroom- it would be such a shame.

Thanks to Design Evolution for being an awesome blog and Sartorialist for always reminding me that I look shit and come from Wagga. Doh.

5 Comments to “Styling Idea # 53 Simple Bedrooms”

  1. Good Morning Sara,

    I had so much fun reading your blog this morning.

    Loved the fashion shots…I hate my wardrobe .And I really need to be taller…prettier and…richer.!

    Beautiful simple bedrooms as well..Sometime less is really more.

    Enjoy Hong Kong. Hope come back inspired. Deborah

  2. Hi Sara,

    Congratulations on a wonderful blog (discovered courtesy of Janet). Your images are inspiring and your personal anecdotes and suggestions for home certainly set’s you apart from other design blogs. Keep up the great work and enjoy all that shopping in Hong Kong.

  3. I have a request. Outdoor furniture please. I have a courtyard which fits two cars, we’re getting rid of one car to use the space for BBQ and outdoor furniture suite. Thanks

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