Styling Idea # 54 Prints in Bathroom


Yesterday I was helping prep for a Home Beautiful shoot, so once again I was hunting down the best in a particular product category. I must say most of the time, most of the design ends up being very conservative in order to be a best seller. Now, I do not mean any disrespect to the designers, manufacturers or retailers of this fine land however I really wish SOMEONE WOULD DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

This room scores points for uniqueness and a great styling idea!

Absolute Materialist


  • While most of us like the bathroom to be a haven to soak in, let’s be realistic, if you do not have a bath you are not soaking so why not mix it up and have some fun!
  • Think about large graphic prints – you could print these on perspex for high shine, easy clean, maximum impact- make them big and unashamedly sexy and fun.
  • DO think about larger than life landscape photography. Now, you have to be careful here that it doesn’t look like the cover of one of those “chill out flute CD’s” sold in KMART – stick to something like this.
  • If you want something pretty and girly to match your new dressing table think about this.
  • Now, if it was my bathroom and I had no one else to please I would even consider doing something like this really big printed on the glass the double doors into my shower, with floor lamps with tassels, retro square bathroom tiles in evergreen, a sunken square white bath with champagne taps and lashings of beveled glass and mirrors – but I live in a fantasy world!
  • If you like the look of the above image you can’t go past fashion inspiration like this or this or like this one of my favourite RUSSH images.
  • A note on using people- look for images that are over styled, anonymous or retro – you don’t want to change in front of a photo that looks like someone you would ever possibly know.
  • Finally the key to this idea is size- if it is smaller than 1m on either end it will fail- as big as possible people.

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