Styling Idea # 58 Clothing as Artwork


Can you believe it is November?? What on earth is going here? Sometimes things move too fast and we do things in a blur. That is how I am feeling this morning- blurred and busy. Yes, my trip was amazing and yes, I did do some excellent shopping but I feel a bit dizzy. Instead of packing away all my clothes today maybe they can all be on display in my room? …. Probably best if I leave only one key piece out.

One Hour

Interior Decline


  • DON’T think you are limited to dresses- pre-loved leather jackets, hats, scarves, tutus or even vintage cardigans could all work in the right space.
  • Depending on the style you are trying to create go for clean space around the piece- I don’t think clothes hanging should be too busy- they need a bit of a room to breath.
  • Pick colours and prints that are in harmony with the rest of the room or repeat the colour elsewhere with a cushion.
  • Think about the hook you are using- should it be decorative and help frame the clothing or should it be a hole in the wall and make it look more rustic and real?
  • This is an excellent idea to display those pieces that you love but do not wear so much- it shouldn’t be confused with your coat rack – these are being used as styling items not places to put your stuff.
  • Take a cue from a girlfriend of mine- she customized a beautiful vintage cream dress by dip-dying the end of the skirt a deep navy- she didn’t want to wear it she wanted to look at it everyday by placing it on her wall. Lovely.
  • This ideas works well as a feminine style but would be very strong in a true minimal space also- one piece, one chair – simple and clean.

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