Styling Idea # 60 Retro Sideboards


Good morning world!!

I don’t post near enough images that are in my personal favourite retro style. Partly because there are not a lot of images that I have found that are amazing enough and partly because I had created a folder that I saved in the wrong spot but I have just found it again- HURRAHH!

PLUG ALERT – Now, if you were to go shopping today at a little store where I work called Vampt Vintage you could find plenty of these amazing side tables or sofa tables and your house could look like this!

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Design Evolution


  • Okay, so now you have the sideboard you need to understand how to style it. My first tip is decide if you are going for a mid century retro feel, a modern Scandinavian feel or 70’s retro. Let me explain……..
  • Mid Century – if you are in love with mid century furniture you may already have the pieces around that will help you pull this look off – if not think about trying lamps like these or these as mid century lamps were categorized by simple lines or fun space age feel (the latter is easier to work with these days I think). Top it off with  small retro print that almost looks too little in the space and hang it off center.
  • Modern Scandinavian – if you are wanting to keep the lines very clean I would think about glass vases. Try something like this for a clean finish or try low pieces in small clusters and do not be tempted to add anything else to the top of the space.
  • 60’s/70’s retro- non of the above images really look retro so if you want to add some personality try one ceramic and two wall sconces and add wallpaper.
  • Finally, don’t be too precious about mixing this back into your existing furniture- you will surprised how well these can work in a contemporary environment or with modern clean lines.

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