Styling Idea # 62 Breakfast Bar


Following on from yesterday’s kitchen post I must tell you that I have had the pleasure of living with a truly beautiful kitchen. I lived in Brisbane in Spring Hill for a year and rented the best apartment in Brisbane (honestly there should be an award for that and this apartment would have won). If only I had known that I would start a blog I would have taken more photos but trust me when I say 11 foot ceilings, Black Japan floor boards, french doors and windows everywhere, black and white checked kitchen floor tiles all equal amazing.

The kitchen had white french windows that opened right back to reveal the view over the city and the dense warm Brisbane air so I made a breakfast bar to place under these windows and everyone should have one. (these photos show the changing light and the view from the windows- you can see the three black stools in the first shoot sitting at the bar)


  • If you have a space 30cm by about 1/1.5m where you can place some stools I highly recommend making yourself a bar- it is just so much more fun to sit high.
  • I used this for morning, drinks, tapas, coffee, scrabble, share plates, wine- I loved it!!
  • Think about setting up one outside or along a narrow wall in a living/dining area to add extra dimension.
  • If you have a narrow kitchen you can use one to create a new way that the room is used and a great place for guest to sit while you prepare.
  • Remember you would not sit at a low table this narrow but given the height it only needs to be wide enough to accommodate a dinner plate- easy.
  • I built in an under shelf that could hold magazines and placemats.
  • Think about the stools that you want to use- I opted for comfort with adjustable height so you could stay here for hours away. A back rest is optional but does make it more user friendly if you are sitting here often.
  • Think about what you are looking at when you sit up here- out a window, at some artwork, a corkboard?? Make sure you don’t feel claustrophobic.
  • Finally use a floor lamp next the table or some over head pendents to add a soft bistro light and have a couple of candles near by for when you pull out the deck of cards and a bottle of wine!

Trust me- if you can make this happen it will transform the way you use the room- I would never had sat at the kitchen bench for hours!

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