Styling Idea # 63 Dentil Moulding (Cornice)


Last night I attended the launch of the Workshopped store in Surrey Hills – these passionate design supporters are putting their livelihood into to retail and promotion of excellence in Australian product and furniture design- it is such an inspiration. If you are not already familiar with the concept or the products please take the time to visit the site or check out the concept store in Hill St- you will have Christmas wrapped up!

My idea for today’s post also comes from a classic design – when I say classic I mean 500 BC- sorry Workshopped designers this design might just out live your product! This is such a wonderful addition to a structural renovation and something that should not be missed. I am always always looking for a styling idesa that are strong and timeless and I think this special cornice is a winner. Look at the cornice people! 500 BC – surely you have this in your house!

India Mahdalvi


  • Yes, you should! What does it cost to invest in a cornice? think of the character you are adding to the place!

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