Styling Idea # 64 Storage Bedhead


Yesterday I was on location for a shoot in an AMAZING home. I want to go on a tour of Sydney and go inside every house – you really never know what you may find. The facade for this gem was unassuming and yet the space and design and styling was world class. I am not usually a lofty, industrial style girl but I was truly inspired by great unique pieces and absolute class. I wish I could take you all there today with me for the last day of the shoot (if you are following me on twitter you will get extra photos of locations and props we are using).

I also have some insider information on a new store coming to Sydney (tell you later), and I meet the lovely editor of The Outdoor Room, Katrina O’Brien whilst styling live in front of an audience for outdoor spaces-phew it was a big day!

I didn’t get to see the bedroom of the house we were in yesterday but I would imagine it would look something like this….

Living Etc


  • If you have the luxury of a high ceiling and lots of light this idea would be amazing.
  • Keep the lines simple- I love how they do not have any handles on the cabinetry and all the lines are clean.
  • Make sure from the front perspective that you build in clever bed side elements- lamps and nooks for books included.
  • Have these draws and cupboards designed in the most practical configuration and dimension that you can imagine for your lifestyle- if you want draws, ask how deep?
  • I love the sparse whiteness of this design but there is no reason that the cupboards could not be printed to make one large graphic piece of art- remember Styling Idea #55 Photography Furniture – something like this would be a real wow statement- just make sure you have enough space to get the full perspective.
  • Think about using the back end for all of your stuff so when you are in bed it is super clean and perfect- that might include adding hooks for towels and robes, including a mirror, adding a hidden dressing table etc so that all the action happens behind the bed and you can lay back and enjoy the view.
  • Finally – if you are spending the money on the custom solution make sure you invest in quality fittings and soft close draws- it will be nice and quiet for sleeping partners.

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