Styling Idea # 66 Black and White Stripe Upholstery


My absolutely favourite travel bag comes from vinnies (no surprises here) but it has showed up in one of my favourite room shots! Surprise. I have no idea if this makes mine special or a rip off- I just thought I had an amazing mustard over night bag- turns out someone else does too!

Simply Grove


  • If you have a minimal space, a rustic space, a vintage space or a colourful space you can add a healthy dose of black and white stripe upholstery!
  • Think about splitting the ottomans into two for a more formal look.
  • Add black and white to a bedroom at the foot of an all white bed!
  • I have a little foot stool in my room that I keep planning on covering in this fabric but I haven’t found the perfect width…yet
  • If you want tone down florals or patterns on lounges or make them work together add black and white stripes to the ottoman and repeat in a smaller black and white stripe as a cushion.
  • Make sure you work with excellent quality fabric for a sharp look and hire the best upholsterer! The devils in the detail with stripes.

Here is a photo I have on file of my bag – exactly the same (mine has the black details on the other side too)!

2 Comments to “Styling Idea # 66 Black and White Stripe Upholstery”

  1. Gorgeous bag, cant beleive it is from vinnies!!!

  2. I love that bag of yours, even more jealous now I know it comes from Vinnies. I never find anything that great in there!

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