Styling Idea # 72 Industrial with Black and White


Earlier this week I was prepping for a shoot that required industrial pieces- lamps, chairs, fans, trolleys the like. I can tell you if you are in Sydney there is PLENTY out there to choose from at the moment. It seems to be the trend of the moment. Metal, steel, wood, brass, bronze, aluminum eat your heart out.

Some of the best finds were seen at ici et la , A Pair of Chairs and David Met Nicole . If you have a trillion dollars and like your furniture to be the price of a small car check out The Country Trader also.

Try these pieces with effortless black and white.

All pictures found on the incredible From Scandinavia with Love site- check it out for plenty more!


  • Everyone seems to have industrial lights at the moment and floor lamp variety are huge- think about other ways lights can be used- industrial lights attached to the top of shelves or either side of a doorway is effective.
  • Use the pure palette of black and white to offset the harsh lines of industrial pieces- if you are keen to make it softer or add some surprise a posey of short stemmed roses would look smashing and be such a contrast.
  • Keep pictures plain, hanging staggered and colours muted.
  • Have a think about other ways the black and white could add something else to the metal- try frilly black and white cushion on the metal frame chair or a vintage black and white ceramic jug/ wash basin poised on top of an old metal stool in the kitchen.
  • I love the trolley idea- fill it with books like above or old white ceramics for an eye catching neutral display.
  • If you want to add some colour do it in interesting ways- an empty frame hang on the wall in a popping colour would work (think yellow, green or gold) or use wallpaper to create a patterned background for this minimalist styling.
  • There are also lots of filing cabinets around at the moment which make such excellent storage spaces!

A final note- if you have not checked out A Pair of Chairs on Regent St I would urge you to do so – the website is nothing compared to the gems in store and the excellent service!

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