Styling Idea # 74 Patina’d Leather


Last night Vampt Vintage launched a series of 1950’s photographs and Garden Life launched a new cafe and outdoor eating space- it was all happening in Surry Hills! Luckily I managed to pop into both gatherings and sample the champagne at each (excellent champagne- no complaints).

I was involved in an interesting discussion, let’s say debate, between two established and respected landscape designers about designing for now and for longevity. The crust of the discussion centered around is “designer x” designing gardens that will be here in 100 years or are they designing gardens for now? Designer x is a very well known designer and I am not sure I am in a position to comment on their design principles or visions but I would like to think that all designers in all fields are hoping that their designs are here for years to come- either as a living, growing organism or a piece of beauty and integrity.


From Scandinavia With Love

  • Leather that is loved and aged looks so striking against fresh clean and modern backdrops.
  • Mix it up with some industrial pieces or retro prints.
  • Don’t try to cover this up with cushions or throws- the beauty is in the details.
  • Mix different pieces together- different colour leathers will all work in the mix.
  • While I am on about timeless designs, designers and patina – check out this amazing Kaare Klint Safari Chair!

Remember – the age is what makes this leather so stunning. I wish we could remember that about our own beauty.

Have a good weekend x

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