Styling Idea # 75 Retro Colour Repeats


mmmm a long day working with retro furniture is surely bound to throw up some retro inspired pics. How do you get ramshackle retro pieces to work together? Repeating colours is the easiest way to keep it clean and create the harmony you need. Stick to one colour and repeat it in suitable ways.


  • Build on teak – teak furniture is synonymous with mid century Scandinavian design. Following WWII the ships returning from Asia loaded up with the teak so they did not return empty.  Hence this beautiful honey coloured wood became the iconic cost effective solution that delivered excellent design to everyone.
  • Turquoise and orange will be a standout retro colour to pick but don’t bother mixing them if you want a clean contemporary look- pick one and use restraint.
  • The use of the pink and white in the second shot is an example of repeats- the pink of the “Australia”, the chair and the soft pink lamp are all subtle.
  • For modern Scandinavian spaces be aware of negative space- the area around the onjects that allow their unique design and shape to be clear- the orange chair is an example of this. Let the design speak for itself- it is iconic and timeless for a reason.

All products currently available at Vampt Vintage Design. Sorry for the terrible lighting in these shots! It was the best I could do on a rainy afternoon in a dark warehouse 🙂

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