Styling Idea # 76 Day Beds


Okay- tomorrow is Summer.

Well, as much I am looking forward to it I would like a refund on Spring please. I am not sure we received enough of the sunny, pollen filled days that require a soft woollen blanket (Planet Furniture has the most incredible textile collection) and a cup of tea to ward of the cold whilst soaking up the sun on our face.

Apartment Dreams

Apartment Dreams


  • mmmm these room should be unashamedly pretty- I am sorry. You will just have to clash prints, fabrics, florals and textures because this has to scream “lay down here and forget everything for a while”
  • Unlike Styling Idea # 37 Window Seats (a very popular post if you missed it) you need a hell of a lot more space and they do not run along the window (very technical difference between the two but it is my blog so I say so!)
  • Keep the things around you that you need – a table close by, a fan to blow a soft breeze, something to sip on (anything- hot, cold, alcoholic, fruity, fresh, indulgent- pick one)
  • Throwing a throw over a old day bed is perfectly acceptable for this idea so no need to spend up big.
  • Now, the weight of your cushions is important- mix a few soft feather downs with more structured supporting pillows to make reading and sleeping more comfortable.
  • If you feel the need to opt for an actual bed follow this rule to make sure it looks special and day bed like – MAKE SURE IT IS HIGH OFF THE GROUND!! Vintage beds will sort you out here.
  • If you have an area that gets sunshine or fresh air- hurry up! Summer is here you need a day bed.

PS I need your help- can another think of some words to describe my style based on what you have seen on this site??

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