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December 21, 2010

Styling Idea # 91 Pink Christmas Tree


Every Tuesday morning our garbage is collected. Ordinarily I am up and at ’em however today is the first day of my holidays and I really wanted a sleep in but the noise from this process makes it impossible! So here I am, up and awake and submitting my last post for the year! I have decided to give you a break from FURNNISH for the holidays so that I don’t clog up your inbox and I can relax in Hawaii without paint colours popping into my head!

We only have 910 ideas to get through together and I hope to bring you so incredible inspiration in the new year. Really,  I am already excited about the images I have to share so I think you should definitely come back!


  • If you are finding the daily updates too hard to keep on top of you can always request to receive the weekly summary- sometimes an email everyday is hard to manage in our busy lifestyle and with number of blogs I read I know this all too well.
  • My ultimate Christmas present would be some new subscribers! I you know anyone who may be interested in the content I am always appreciative when new people sign up so please pass around if you are a fan.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year break and thank you so much for sticking with me as I get this little blog up and running.

Happy holidays and I will think of you from Hawaii!!

December 20, 2010

Styling Idea # 90 Bottle Vases Over Table


I can hardly believe it is 20th of December. When I sat down to write this post this morning I almost thought “It is too early to post Christmas”. Well, actually it is too late- where did time go?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of exchanging Christmas Gifts with some of my favourite friends so it is starting to feel like we are really there! If you are planning a festive table this year- why not celebrate with something easy breezy but oh so pretty!

PS- I was inspired to post this idea after having a beer last night at Coogee Cafe After Dark– they have beer boutique bottles hanging in the window and plenty more in the fridge for you to try! If you after a chilled out atmosphere in Coogee pop in and enjoy this summer concept while it lasts!


I say leave work early today and head home to get this sorted for an early Monday evening gathering!!

(Apologies to my northern hemisphere readers- I know the idea of breaking bread in the summer sun while fresh flowers dance over head is a bit too teasing for you!)

Have a good day 🙂

December 17, 2010

Styling Idea # 89 Benchseat Entrance


Arrrhhh it’s the weekend (nearly) and what happens at the weekend? Well one of two things that involve the entrance of your home.

1) You either arrive home and dump your worries from the week at your front door and put your feet up.

2) You pack yourself a bag of goodies turn on the alarm and head out and about to see the world- either way it starts or finishes in your entrance- so make it pretty.


  • IMPORTANT! Making an impact in this small space is simple – you don’t have to over think it- just make sure you don’t neglect it all together!
  • I love the use of a smart stripe and a floral print to add some personality – if the fabric on the bench seat turns old in years to come you will still love the stripes and can update quickly and easily.
  • One of the best ways to use this idea is if you enter your home into a wide open plan space – creating an entrance area will provide a sense of breaks in the space and allocated areas for each activity.
  • Help keep this clutter free with a hat stand, coat rack or some clever storage boxes- its inevitable that you will place things in this spot so give them a designated home.
  • This bench seat doesn’t have to be very wide so you have a narrow tricky space this will work well.
  • If you are short on storage consider adding some boxes under the bench or use a covered shoe box in the same way.
  • If you don’t want to introduce a patterned seat (which is exactly why I love this shoot- but horses for courses) try a lovely long rustic wooden bench.
  • For those regular readers this is a similar idea as Styling Idea # 11 Shoe Seat – but easier to do today and change tomorrow!

Happy weekend 😉 I hope something wonderful happens

December 16, 2010

Styling Idea # 88 Wall Runner with Print


Mmmm I think I have provided enough reading material these past couple of days- how about just one really good idea today?



  • Take a small runner or a scarf in a pretty print (stripes, florals, abstract, geometric- whatever) hang vertically down the length of a wall- create artwork gallery of one or more pieces of quaint prints.
  • Place chair in front or a stack of old suitcases or a side table with reading light.

Easy done brilliance.




December 15, 2010

Styling Idea # 87 Tiles with Style


When you are in style land you meet lots of people and lots of people doing amazing things. I am always mega jealous and impressed when I meet peeps who are young guns. (Where did all the Under-Aged Over Achievers come from?). Surely these people need to go overseas and get drunk for a year, loose their identity, their heart, their perspective, their favourite jackets and find it all just in time to be on the right side of 30? No? Just me? Ok.

One of these clever peoples is the lovely Renee Anne- check out this clever illustrator/ stylist/business owner/tweeter/blogger/partner of Finders Keepers here. It is because of her that found this awesome kit for Pom Poms – remember when i did the post for the nursery Styling Idea #54? Yep – now you can buy a kit!

What does this have to do with my styling idea??? Not a thing.


  • Obviously I am not advocating building a cafe size bar in your house but I am saying that having a little think about the tiles in your space can make a HUGE difference!
  • This floor is simply magnificent and should be used in an entrance, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor living area or any other space that you desire- I love them.
  • Follow this up with my favourite white tile effect of the moment- brick patterned rectangle tiles with dark grout! mmmmm
  • Insert mirrors, indoor plants, cool stools (covered in vinyl for effect), glass shelves, bentwood chairs and a beer tap and you would have my idea of a heaven.


December 14, 2010

Styling Idea # 86 Shelves Above Furniture


Short on space? Big on books and frames?

Lonny Magazine

Lonny Magazine


  • Going north is such an excellent styling idea that creates a sense of “spaciousness” and “cosiness” at the same time. By using the areas above the space you are occupying with furniture you free up floor space.
  • Try this idea above a booth seat in a kitchen – a clever space for cookbooks, serving platters and glasses you may wish to display.
  • Try this idea above a bed with built in under lights and clever sliding doors and nooks and crannies. Think you are designing a gorgeous caravan- where everything is in arms reach.
  • What about trying this above a bath and using calming images, candles and folded towels- just because it is tiles doesn’t mean it needs to look borning.
  • I love the 1990’s feel of the white cushions and sunflowers! I made a prediction to some friends of mine that sunflowers will make a comeback- am I too early to suggest??
  • DON’T do this idea and leave the rest of the space too bare- if you need to fill other walls do them first and than you can go north.
  • The shelves do not need to be a commitment or a large built in job- floating shelves will look perfect and can bought at your hardware store.

Whilst I am promoting images from Lonny I should remind you that the next issues is available from the Australian online magazine Adore it is great to see an Australian magazine embracing the online world. What is also great is the number of lovely local designers and bloggers advertising in the mag including Terrace Outdoor Living (be sure to check out their new pop up store while it lasts) Ada and Darcy and one of my favorites Black and Spiro (Anna Spiro has the most amazing eye!!) Okay- those links should take you up to morning tea break. Enjoy

December 13, 2010

Styling Idea # 85 Yellow and Pink


Last week I was a lucky assistant indeed. I had the pleasure to work with one of the industries best. Megan Morton no less. Really has there ever been a more talented person who is so incredibly relaxed and focused at the same time. Her world is one of perfect image creation and flawless vision while all the time being a cool-calm-collected cat who adores her family and has fun with life. Read more about her at Lucy’s blog The Design Files you will see that she shares the same sentiment.

I cannot share with you the details of the shoot but I was inspired by all things pretty.



  • Often more likely to be kept a bedroom combination (and possibly a little girls room at that) I love how this simple combos makes an appearance in the living room or desk! To make this okay you need to keep the colour touches very subtle
  • The use a strong frame in the first print is perfect- the black frame and iron work around the fireplace keep this room from feeling fairytale. When opting for softer palettes ensure that have something similar to anchor them with.
  • Painted furniture or teak are perfect for this – dark wood will look a bit dated and blood wood or oaks will get too wishy-washy. A painted table setting with pink and yellow finishes is perfect.
  • Can’t think of any other way to get the pink and yellow working together- do it with cushions- one stripe, one colour and one printed- I love this print available online now from the new boutique Ada and Darcy. Check it out!

Pagoda Cushion available online from Ada and Darcy

Other things to note

  • Did anyone get to the Society Inc market on the weekend? I missed it and want to know what I missed out on??
  • I bought my first piece of artwork on the weekend!! Cannot wait to tell you more about it- so thrilled xx
  • Megan let me have free range of the Propery last week – styling heaven. Check out my displays if you are in at B2 (before someone more talented comes along and changes them)
December 10, 2010

Styling Idea # 84 Bedend Rugs


Revisiting the pattern carpet post from earlier this week I understand that a full room of patten on the floor may not be practical in a rental space or if you are not 100% sold at the idea – however if you like rugs why are not using one at the end of your bed?


  • This is sooo much fun to play with because every rug you pick will dictate a new feel for the room- take a clean white space like above and add ikat, floral, tibetian, persian, stripes or plain colour – whatever you want!
  • You can buy small size rugs for much cheaper than a full floor rug and can you add a whole new feel to the space.
  • I once used a full hallway runner- it was too long for the bed but it made the room feel cosy and created a walkway all the same- it doesn’t need to be as small or large as the bed exactly.
  • If you use a larger rug feel free to add a bed seat or an ottoman or a bench to the end also on top of the pattern.
  • Mirror the pattern or the colour in some bed throw pillows or use a beautiful table cloth to create a side table with a contrasting floral (if you like florals that is)
  • If you want to create a dramatic effect use a stripe in the rug and repeat the stripe, colour and direction on the pillows on the bed- this will be strong and masculine but look very sophisticated.
December 9, 2010

Styling Idea # 83 Paneled Ceiling


Pure perfection- i love this Idea so much!!

Cabbage Rose



  • Oh my goddness! With the current fascination of wooden floorboards (how long do we think they will be in vogue? Forever….?) we have forgotten about the beauty of paneled ceilings! Really – I think these are stunning.
  • I love how each photo shows a different look- use a shadow cornice for a contemporary look with down lights or add a wooden cornice for a more rustic finish.
  • Definitely do not be afraid to use wood in the room below- the second image has a mixture of four different types! I am prone to wanting to punch people when they say you cannot mix woods!
  • Think about the colour you want to radiate down into your room a honey teak colour wood is best for maintaining an open feeling but a dark black japan with sleek finish could look incredible.
  • In case you were wondering don’t have floor boards at the same time- not necessary.
  • PS Don’t you just love that cactus!!

December 8, 2010

Styling Idea # 82 Patterned Carpet


This a true divider? Some love this idea and others will hate me so much for this post I will possibly see a boycott in visits for the rest of the week! Well I am prepared to take that chance because I love it some much.

Apartment Dreams


  • I really do think that this can be done in a tasteful way that leaves an impact and creates a memorable room- bear with me whilst I explain some options!
  • Try a large lofty white bedroom with all white linen, a bedroom chair and over sized lamps. (kinda like this image but minus the random bedlinen).
  • Try working this look in a wide hallway or entrance and leave it confined to that space.
  • Run the patterned carpet up a flight of wooden stairs and do not take the carpet to each edge of the step- leave a small amount of wood and install uplighting- incredible.
  • Stay away from green and mustard if you are afraid of looking too dated and try raspberry, navy or grey patterns for a softer and more contemporary look!
  • Think about spaces that can be left feeling fresh and open such a guest room or a home office and keep the styling in the room minimal.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this one!