Styling Idea # 77 Dark and Sunny Palettes


I could say that the weather is my inspiration for this post – dark and sunny days- kinda what it feels like at the moment.

Well, I want to get a palettes section going on these styling idea becuase so many of the good ones are about interesting ways to use colour. These images made me say “wow”- a unique happening really.


  • Aren’t these lovely? I love the use of popping yellow and citrus lime on a palette of gloomy greys and warm teaks! It’s like having a lime tart with a cup of coffee.
  • Keep the brights suitable and place discreetly around the room. Repeat with fresh floral arrangements.
  • Keep the lighting soft and warm- lamps and pendents with low wattage and high impact.

Visit the beautiful and inspirational website at for more.

One Comment to “Styling Idea # 77 Dark and Sunny Palettes”

  1. Beautiful Sara,
    You have added Sunshine to an other wise miserable day.

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