Styling Idea # 78 Planter Box Bulkhead


I am growing my first indoor plant at the moment. Now, really if you had never thought about indoor plants would it occur to you that they grow in stature as well as new leaves? It had not to me (I was a bonsai lady before so I thought they were all stunted). How ignorant of me but anyway it is getting bigger is also now giving me flowers. It is a lily of course, very hardy and plastic looking, but alive all the same.

I wish it was growing out of one of these…..


  • All this white laminex and skylight is a bit 1998 for me but how great is the idea?
  • I would tile the planter box with vintage Moroccan tiles and add a healthy dose of wood to the space.
  • It would be great to see this lit at night in some creative way.

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